A New HetzelRacing.com!

Date Posted: January 15, 2010 | Author: Trevan Hetzel

Welcome to the brand new HetzelRacing.com! This is my third full redesign of this website since I first launched it in 2007. This website is my “baby”, the website that got me interested in web design and jump-started my career as a graphic and web designer. So I thought it was only appropriate that this should be one of the coolest sites in my portfolio. I’ve spent about a month designing and developing it and I really hope that this website will be a source that you go to to keep up on Iowa hare scramble and enduro news.

After getting married recently and expecting a baby boy (Ryder…name appropriately, right?) pretty soon, I’ve been a busy guy. I’ll be honest, I haven’t ridden my Yama-dog since about November. I didn’t race but one race last year as life, college, work, a new wife with carrying my soon-to-be-here son have kept me so busy that I can’t believe I’ve made time to launch this completely redesigned Hetzel Racing website. However, I’ve developed this website so my dad and brother can also update it. Dad should have some tech tips up shortly and I’m sure we will all write race reports after each race we attend this year.

The annual D-22 banquet is tonight and sadly I will not be attending (registering for a baby shower is on my agenda for tonight :/). The rest of my family will, though, and they will be bringing home some trophies! (or certificates, whatever they give out these days…) Tyler won the Light A class in D-22 enduros this year and Dad got second in Senior A for the year. I’m proud of my little bro, I tell you what. I just talked to him today and he wants to go riding soon he can “kick my @$$”. I said “we’ll see about that!” but honestly I’m not sure! We’ll see if he’s caught up to me now after I took last year off. Hopefully this year we can both be banging bars together at all the races. Nothing like some brotherly love out on the race course!

Back to this new website…I would greatly appreciate your feedback via the “comments” section on all the news pages. Sound off and let me know if there are some things you would like to see different on this website.

I’ve gotta run, but I wish you all who are going to the D-22 banquet tonight the best of fun and I’ll see you at the races this year for sure!


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