Winterset Enduro Race Report

Date Posted: September 15, 2009 | Author: Trevan Hetzel

We were a little leery that the Winterset enduro wasn’t going to run since the weather man said they got some rain. But luckily it turned out to be a great enduro. Dad, Tyler, and I rode on minute 7. The race was all a 24 mph average, so we had to charge the whole time. I got through the first section dropping 2 points and then we rode about 10 miles of road. When you’re riding on gravel roads it seems like it takes forever! Finally we came to the second section, and it was a long one. There were lots of rocky creek crossings and it was a little muddy in places. That section was a lot of fun! I ended up dropping 8 points, but I knew I could have done better. I put my head down the next lap and dropped 4 in that section.

I came in to the pits for the reset between loops to hear that our good friend Jamie Driskell had crashed head-on into a tree and broken his scapula. His bike was all mangled up, and so was he. I was glad my girlfriend was there, because she’s a nurse and is going to school to be a doctor so she helped Jamie out. I headed back out for the second lap and just put my head down and charged until the end of the race.

I ended up 4th in the 250 A class, just one point behind Seth Blackburn. Seth went to high school with me, so we’ve ridden together some. A little personal goal of mine going into the race was to beat Seth, so him beating me by one point was kind of frustrating. But it’s all good! We had a good time racing the enduro and Dad and Tyler both finished 8th in their classes. See ya at Maquoketa this weekend!


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