Bartlett Enduro Race Report

Date Posted: October 15, 2009 | Author: Trevan Hetzel

The Bartlett enduro is always fun because it’s the closest to home so we don’t have to leave the day before or early in the morning. Dad, Tyler, and I rode on minute 30 along with Walker Luedtke. It was good that I got to ride on a minute with Walker, because I really got to see what it’s like to go really fast and see where he makes up his time at. The first section was a 24 mph average and I surprised myself by sticking with Walker the whole section to come out dropping one point. After that the race turned to a 18 mph average. It was a challenge to hang with Walker through some of the tough sections at 18, but I managed to and was tied with him with 1 point at the end of the loop.

After doing good the first loop I was determined to keep it going and give it my all the second loop. The next loop was a lot faster because it was all a 24 mph average. check placement was a little different that usual, but my ICO computer kept me from burning any checks, although it was pretty close a couple times! I ended up dropping 6 points the last lap for a total score of 7. That was good enough for second overall on the day, right behind Walker with 6.

I don’t know what got into me that day, but I was just feeling it and rode my heart out. I learned how fast I have to go now to be there in the end with the top guys, so I am really looking forward to proving myself again next weekend at the Atalissa hare scramble. I appreciate all my supporters and sponsors and would like to thank Walker for putting up with me revving behind him the whole race!


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