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Winterset Enduro

Pictures from the 2008 D-22 Winterset, Iowa Enduro

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Timber Ridge Hare Scramble

2008 Timber Ridge Hare Scramble Photos

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Practicing behind our house

Photos of Tim and Trevan putting in some laps on our practice track behind our house.
Photos courtesy of Keith Dilworth

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Sand Track Practice

Pictures of Trevan practicing in some sand back in February of 2008

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Trevan Hetzel's 2007 Racing Year

Trevan's 2007 racing season captured

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Pictures from a few years back when Trevan was tearing up local scene on his CR85

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Trevan and Tyler's first rides

Taking you back to the 90's to see Trevan and Tyler's first dirt bike rides on their KTM 50 and 65

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Retro Riding

Old pictures from when Tim first started racing enduros

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