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By replacing your stock shock linkage with a DeVol Transformer Pull-Rod, you have the option of adjusting up to 5 settings for adaption to various terrain and to attain the feel YOU want! All DeVol Transformer Pull-Rods stiffen the initial rising rate of a shock and lowers the rear end gradually with each longer setting. Not only are there multiple settings in the Transformer Pull-Rod alone, but it opens up opportunity for endless customized suspension setup options to give you a serious edge on the competition.

• Performance enhancement linkage
• Best for MX & Offroad
• Up to 5 adjustment settings
• May lower rear end up to 1/4” -1/2” on various models
• Lightweight
• Stronger than stock
• Allows rear-end to track straighter
• Stiffens initial rising rate resulting in slightly softer rear suspension
• Improves front end stability
• Anodized factory look
• All models include bearings/seals
• Available for most models
• Made from aerospace grade billet aluminum
• 100% Made in the U.S.A.