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Softidium HalfWaffle Grips

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Part #: 067-20000

• Don’t be fooled by all the grips out there made from waxy hard material. Feel the product before you buy it. There is a big difference. You will be surprised.
• Designed with the feel and transmission needed for the best motocross and off-road racers in the world along with the durability needed for the grueling punishment of the everyday weekend warrior
• Designed and tested by the EKS BRAND test team and made completely in the USA!
• Unique “SOFTIDIUM” rubber compound for durability and the ultimate “tacky” feel
• 31mm outer diameter reduces arm pump while allowing the ultimate feel
• Half waffle design with strategically positioned ribs for extra comfort and hand traction
• Honeycomb flange design adds structure while battling thumb blister