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T-4/Tii-4 Exhaust

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If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-install, lightweight performance silencer we have just what you need. Our T-4 Slip-On Silencers (a.k.a. T-4S) offer all that and more. T-4 Slip-Ons are a perfect alternative for those people who do not need or want to replace their stock head pipe. Each T-4 Slip-On comes with the aluminum silencer and stainless mid pipe and can be bolted onto your bike in a matter of minutes! (2008 and earlier models may vary in design, price and accessories that are included. Call for information.)

The T-4 System is a tunable version of our more exotic Ti-4R System. RC-4 Resonance Chamber has been added to the head pipe to reduce noise. (The RC-4 Resonance Chamber, depending on year of your bike, might not come with the system.) Please contact Pro Circuit for information on replacement parts.

The T-4R has the same performance and features as the Ti-4R except the only difference is the aluminum canister, stainless steel head pipe, mid pipe and end-cap. The T-4R offers unparalleled performance at a price that will fit into most rider’s budgets.

If you’re looking for increased performance there is no faster, or less expensive, way to get it than a Pro Circuit Slip-On Silencer. These silencers will bolt onto the stock or Pro Circuit head pipes in a matter of minutes. In addition to the extra power, the Ti-4 Slip-On Silencers are substantially lighter and are designed to be easily re-packed to keep performance at its peak.

Designed as a “full race” system, the Ti-4 Titanium Exhaust System will boost power from the bottom to the top and offers incredible weight savings when compared to the stock exhaust. The Ti-4 includes a United States Forest Service (USFS) Approved Spark Arrestor. (2008 and earlier models may vary in design, price and accessories that are included. Call for information.)

The Ti-4R Titanium Exhaust System was designed specifically to deliver unparalleled performance for closed course competition. (Depending on the year of your bike, the RC-4 Resonance Chamber may or may not come with your system.)