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Adjustable Universal AC Voltage Regulator

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Part #: 665-7990

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“Dial-a-Brightness” for halogen and quartz lights:
• At 14+ VAC setting, the lamps will approach HID lumens (~70%) but lamp life is short (good for racing.) ~25 hour lamp life.
• At standard setting, about 13.8 VAC, the lamps should last about 500 hours.
• At minimum setting, the lamps are not as bright as HID (~30%), but last over 1,000 hours.
• Improved AC Regulator with Adjustable Output.
• Universal voltage regulator limits voltage to 12.0-16.0 volts for AC systems (DC systems require a regulator/rectifier.)
• Conditions circuit to eliminate electrical spikes, protect from lamp blow-outs, and reduce flicker and dimming.