Kawasaki Piston Kit

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1) FORGED All Wiseco Pistons are forged from high silicon, low expansion aluminum which offers superior strength, reduced weight, improved heat transfer, and longer life.

2) ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES Diamond turned finish from one of the many CNC computer controlled turning centers guarantees you a perfect finish with no size variation. Wiseco pistons can be installed in any of today’s cylinder bore compositions (cast iron, chrome, nikasil and boron composite) with confidence.

3) OVERSIZE OPTIONS Wiseco’s wide range of oversize pistons increase the life of cast iron lined cylinders. With the availability of replacement cylinder sleeves, chrome, nikasil and boron composite cylinders can be resleeved to accept Wiseco’s oversizes.

4) COMPUTERIZED Wiseco’s state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing facility is dedicated to supplying both the highperfomance racer and recreational enthusiast with the finest forged piston available in today’s market place.

5) EASY AVAILABILITY Six WPS warehouses offer you one of the largest Wiseco inventories available. Our telephone sales staff can verify availability at the time of your order. Pistons that we don’t have in stock are rushed in air freight and are available for shipment to you within two to three working days if Wiseco has it in stock.